1st joint Workshop: Geospatial data acquisition and processing

07.03. 2019, Centrul National de Cartografie, Bd. Expozitiei 1A, sector 1, Bucuresti

10:00: Opening Session

        • Parvu I., Cuibac I., Parvulescu N., Popescu E., Juc O. Acquisition of airborne photogrammetric data.
        • Zagajewski B. Remote sensing as an effective tool for environmental monitoring.
        • Pantan R. Assessing the dynamics of land use and land coverage in the post-communist period. Case study: Ilfov County.
        • Parvu A., Parvu I. Analyzing and processing 3D point clouds for water bodies.
        • Dabija A. A new cadastral reference. Introduction & Implementation.
        • Parvu I., Cuibac I. Pixel based classification of orthophotoimages in ERDAS Imagine.
        • Cuibac I., Kycko M., Nimbalkar P., Parvu A., Parvu I., Parvulescu N., Płaza I., Raczko E., Sabat-Tomala A., Samulowska M., Zagajewski B. 2D-2D data and sensor fusion. Introduction & Implementation.


Details: EN, RO.