European Remote Sensing – New Solutions for Science and Practice

Dear Colleagues,
the MDPI’s Remote Sensing (IF 3.406) Special Issue is a result of the 40th EARSeL Symposium and the accompanying thematic workshops in Warsaw, in 2020. The symposia are annual meetings integrating scientists and practitioners. European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories invites everybody, who wants to present the newest ideas, solutions and achievements in the fields of: temporal analysis of image data, cultural and natural heritage, coastal zones, developing countries, education and training, forest fires, forestry, geological applications, imaging spectroscopy, land ice and snow, land use and land cover, radar remote sensing, thermal remote sensing, urban remote sensing, 3D remote sensing, and UAS. We invite all prospective authors to share their work (flyer pdf).
Dr. Bogdan Zagajewski, Dr. Klaus Komp
Guest Editors

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